The use of mobile technology for data capture during drug trials improves patient safety, increases compliance and reduces data capture time



Enhanced Clinical Data Visibility



The Android software platform maximises data visibility and incremental data capture throughout the operational care pathway


The platform enhances multi agency responses to Major Incidents by  allowing Real Time Situational Awareness at all stages of the response

Blackspace Technology was born out of the Research & Development department of one of the UK's leading NHS Trusts and a leading Telehealth and Telemedicine company. Our development team have been at the forefront of deploying mobile technology to improve patient care at scale in the NHS since 2005.

Previous telehealth and telemedicine solutions have been deployed across multiple CCG’s and healthcare providers in the UK to over 10,000 patients and 1,000 NHS ambulances. We  have  years of experience in successfully developing and implementing mobile health technology and services at scale both home and abroad.


As an agile, clinically founded technology and service business we create our Android solutions using the following key skills and embedded principles:

•Familiar, easy to use hardware platform: we seek the most appropriate hardware to meet end–user requirements with a focus on touchscreen ruggedised tablets and phones that are easy to use.

•Extensive experience in the integration of Bluetooth and USB monitoring devices into mobile platforms both Android, Windows and iOS. The development team have integrated over twenty 3rd party wireless monitoring devices.

•Communication technology using LAN, GPRS, 3G, 4G, satellite and tactical radios for real time data and video conferencing transmission including prioritisation of data packets.

•Open and accessible solutions: the web based service allows access to incident and patient data on any platform with internet access.

•Customisation: our software is architected in a way that enables us to not only facilitate high levels of configuration and customisation, but to also evolve its capabilities in a way that ‘future proofs’ the platform. We look to leverage technology to enable new and more effective military and civilian pre-hospital care pathways that can easily adapt and grow to meet the changing needs of developing clinical services that can be delivered seamlessly to receiving hospitals and control centres.

•Clinical foundation:  as a clinically founded and driven business putting the patient and healthcare profession at the centre of what we create is fundamental. Being able to work closely with the purchasers, clinical and administrative staff, along with patients will allow us to work closely to ensure the system and service provided meets everyone’s expectations.

•Service redesign: Our solutions enable safer, more efficient pre-hospital care. We have worked closely with civilian and military paramedics and hospital professionals to design more efficient operational and clinical pathways; and create solutions that enable more effective pre-hospital care.

•Fast and easy deployment: Our solutions are fast and easy to deploy using existing communication system to allow in field updates via embedded remote access software. We adopt an iterative 'crawl, walk, run' principle to implementation to avoid 'big bang' failures so often seen in the public sector.

•The software has been designed and developed by leading edge software engineers with a proven track record in mobile and database software development and implementation. All software has been developed in adherence with our ISO-13485 accreditation and are MHRA registered Class 1 medical devices with air accreditation on certain hardware platforms.

All solutions will comply with GDPR legislation in 2018.


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