ISO 9001:2015

Black Space Technology has been awarded ISO 9001 certification for its Quality Management System (QMS) by its notified body, CQS. ISO 9001 is the international standard for Quality Management Systems and is the world’s most widely used QMS standard. ISO 9001 is based on the “process approach” to implementing a chain of value added activities in the course of delivering a service. ISO 9001 certification requires an accredited third party auditing organisation to thoroughly review the company’s internal QMS processes. This ensures that those processes are capable of consistently delivering services that meet customers’ needs and expectations.

ISO 13485:2016

Black Space Technology has achieved ISO 13485:2016 certification for its Quality Management System (QMS) for the development of software for telehealth and telemedicine following review by its notified body, CQS. ISO 13485:2016 is an internationally recognised quality standard specific to the medical device industry and signifies Black Space Technology’s commitment to the highest level of medical device quality controls and meeting customer and international regulatory expectations.

CyberEssentials Plus

Black Space Technology has achieved CyberEssentials Plus certification. CyberEssentials is a Government-backed scheme designed to help protect organisations against the most common cyber-attacks (see https://www.cyberessentials.ncsc.gov.uk).
CyberEssentials certification demonstrates commitment to being and remaining vigilant against cyber threats – and can also help validate an organisation’s compliance with other regulatory frameworks such as GDPR insofar as they relate to cyber security. Having met CyberEssentials’ requirements regarding the installation, configuration and maintenance of our IT systems and software, BST customers can be assured that we take cyber security seriously and will continue to review our compliance and apply best practice.

IoT Security Assured – Gold Certified

Black Space Technology has achieved Gold certification by the IASME Consortium (see www.iasme.co.uk). IASME has developed the IoT Security Assured certification scheme to provide an accessible, achievable and high-quality way for manufacturers to demonstrate the security of their internet-connected devices and to show they are compliant with best-practice security. The Gold level is aligned with the ETSI mandatory requirements as well as the additional ETSI recommended requirements and Data Protection provisions.