Rapid EPR

The Rapid Electronic Patient Record is a portable wireless vital sign monitor, clinical record and high definition video conferencing solution to allow delivery of first-class health care into remote environments on land, sea and air. The core ‘Raptor’ Android mobile digital platform is easily configurable to the military/civil contingency medical needs including language localisation. The platform allows incremental data capture from 3rd party devices throughout the Operational Care Pathway facilitating data transfer between devices and integrated data flow into 3rd party platforms.

The configurable platform has a low SWaP (1.8Kg) delivering first class healthcare into combat environments for use in tactical field care and prolonged field care scenarios. The ‘One Device – Multiple Scenarios’ concept allows the core solution to be configured for the particular mission using a range of wireless and USB connected point of care monitoring devices. The platform has the option to include USB ultrasound, videolaryngoscopy and defibrillator.

Rapid Triage

Recent domestic and international terrorist attacks have resulted in casualties being spread over a large geographical area hindering requiring fast assessment, deployment of the most appropriate medical support, safe evacuation to the Casualty Clearing Station and onward transfer to appropriate medical facilities.

Given the increasing threat of such attacks, there is a requirement for a rapidly deployable Major Incident Management Solution (MIMS) capable of supporting the fast triage and treatment of casualties and providing real time situational awareness of the incident to enable coordination of multi-agency response including deployment of multiple assets in line with JESIP recommendations following a multiple synchronous terrorist attack.

The solution needs to support a robust electronic means of swiftly managing the first stage triage of casualties during a major incident and transmitting that information to control centres to aid better decision making including allocation of casualties to available resources and surge planning in line with the CSCATTT model: Command, Safety, Communication, Assessment, Triage, Treatment and Transport.

Rapid Mobile Warrior

Biometric monitoring and battlefield threat assessment platform using wearable devices including CBRNE and environmental sensors. It is a military version of our established NHS telehealth solution Safe Mobile Care and is compliant with the dismounted soldier programme being delivered on an android platform. The wearable sensors mitigate against training and combat risks and include vital sign monitoring in the event of injury. The system is now being further developed as part of the DSTL Programme – ‘Wearable technology for injury prevention’ for the military during training and operational deployment to mitigate against environmental and musculo-skeletal injury. The system has been selected for Army Warfighting Experiment 2020 as the system of choice to ‘monitor the health of soldiers in order to maximise combat efficiency’.